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KUALITAS LAYANAN DAN KEPUASAN PENGGUNA DI PERPUSTAKAAN (Studi Pada Perpustakaan Universitas Paramadina Jakarta)


Program Studi Manajemen

Universitas Paramadina



Library academic is the center of knowledge in University. Library of Paramadina University nowadays have a problem with amount of visitors. The visitor decrease year by year, and the researcher want to find out what the problem is. If the user has not satisfied with the service that They receive or what it is. objectives of research are to analyze the influence of library services quality to User's satisfaction. The problem of this research is how the influence of service quality for the satisfaction of User in using the Paramadina University (UPM) Library. This research aims to analyze the influence of service quality (tangibles ,reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy) to the user's satisfaction who using the UPM Library and to find out the service quality dimension that influences the most insatisfying the user's in utilizing the UPM Library.

The Data for the Study was collected from 50 users from UPM library in Jakarta through a well structured questionnaire. The quality of services assessed through SERVQUAL (tangibles , reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy).

The results showed that assurance has a positive significant effect on user satisfaction. Meanwhile four others variable (tangible, reliability, responsiveness, and empathy ) has no significant positive relationship to user satisfaction.

Keywords: Library; service quality; user satisfaction; SERVQUAL


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