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Dani Setiadarma




This study aims to explain the process of a news production in Seputar Indonesia RCTI, and explain why, starting in December 2011, Seputar Indonesia chose to load more crime news in the program. News room, which should be like a 'black box' that sterile, still has business and political interests, which determine which news will be aired by a television station newsroom. In fact, news events, has become a construction of reality. In the end, journalists now have to work in two conflicting pressures between idealism and business. Construction of social reality which formed the mass media will have a certain representation to a person or a thing. Representation refers to how a person, group of people, ideas or any opinions appear in the discourse.

In addition to in-depth interviews, I conducted participant observation, because I work as producer Seputar Indonesia. Critical discourse analysis used in this study is the analysis of Norman Fairclough models. The research will be conducted at three levels of analysis : textual analysis, analysis of discourse practice (text production and consumption) and sociocultural analysis.

The study finds that the newsroom has a lot of interest. News program that broadcast crime news get a high enough rating, so many advertisers are competing to advertise on the show. As a result, all the private TV stations aired a similar program to follow trends, including “Seputar Indonesia” RCTI.


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