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Electric bike a solution to the high price of fuel, noise pollution, air pollution and others. Power derived from the rotation of the motor armature, no combustion fumes discharged, no consumption of fossil fuels, there is no much choice noise. Electric bike models from various manufacturers. Well shaped to resemble a motorcycle bike. All vehicles that have two key words, namely battery dynamo as a driver and as a supplier of electrical current to the armature. So, what about consumers who have a limited budget, while in the home is a bicycle pedal ( onthel, Jw ; boseh, Snd ). Do not despair, because the kit electric bike, any bike can be converted into an electric bike. Extraordinary bike so. Public interest is estimated to be higher because of the electric bike proved recalcitrant and easy maintenance. Unlike the gasoline motor that is difficult because many parts, major appliances only a dynamo electric bike, battery, and electric current stabilizer. Information on electric bike is very less so because people generally less interested in this vehicle, so only a few people who are interested and aware of the environment that uses this type bike. Supposedly related parties to provide information to the public, so that people will know this product and its benefits for the environment, because in the city is already very congested with motor vehicles caused this at jakarta air contamination. If only the people know information about electric bikes will reduce the population of many vehicles in Jakarta.

Keywords:Electric, Bike, Pollution, Environment, Price


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