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The Spread of Japanese Culture in Indonesia as a form of Public Diplomacy

Aniza Kemala – 211000060

Amadea Raissa Sumarni - 211000200



Public Diplomacy is done by states to spread their influences through non-political elements. Japan is one of the states who is active in executing public diplomacy. One of Japan’s public diplomacy policy is the use of their culture as a form of soft power. Indonesia is one of the countries where Japanese Culture is being widespread. The spread of Japanese Culture in Indonesia can be done through many actors, such as Japan Foundation as the official cultural institution of Japan, and also non-state actors. As a form of soft power for its public diplomacy, the spread of Japanese Culture can develop more cultural exchanges between the two countries as well. As an instrument of public diplomacy and a form of soft power, Japanese Culture is also meant to give Indonesian People a better understanding about Japan.


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