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FINDING BATIK'S WAY : Dari Warisan Nusantara menuju Diplomasi Budaya

Asriana Issa Sofia, M.A (Lecturer, Department of International Relations, Paramadina University)
Hendriana Werdhaningsih, M.Ds (Lecturer, department of Product Design, Paramadina University)


After its long journey, Indonesian Batik has reached higher level of achievement by  getting into Representative List of the Intangible Culturage of Humanity in 2009 by  UNESCO, an United Nations committe that works to create the conditions for  dialogue among civilizations, cultures and peoples, based upon respect for  commonly shared values. Indonesian Batik strength fulfilled the criterias for the international acknolegement. Indonesian Batik has richness of symbolism of social  status, local identity, nature and historical heritage, all together build up Indonesian  identity. Batik able to raise people awareness and motivate bussinessman, young  generations, government and non-government institutions, to be in a common  mission to raising the awareness, capacity-building and educational activities  related to Batik. Communities and individuals totally involved in the nomination  process to making scientific proves through literacy research and field study.  Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Indonesia also make a commitment  regarding safeguarding the Indonesian batik as a culture.All proves had convinced  UNESCO to acknowledge Batik as Indonesian cultural heritage.

During three years  after it, appreciations to Batik is rising domestically. Batik craftmen in every area developing variety of Batik motif and colour. New creations of Batik fashions grows  in numbers and alternatif of uses; formal and informal uses, and wearing by all ages.  Young generations use batik like everywhere. Batik education in formal and  non formal courses established by government and non-government institutions. In these years domestic movements of Batik is flowering – but actually it still needs  critical thinking to see the hidden values of Batik- and decide what should we do  next? The Cultural Heritage status is not an end, but it a beginning for Batik to be a  tools of cultural diplomacy in internationa level.

In the perspective of international  relations, cultural diplomacy is one of soft diplomacy instrument to reach the soft  power of a country. Soft power could measure from how the culture has legitimated attractiveness, political aims and states policies that could accepted by other  countries. Image, public relations, and ephemeral popularity often become basic  aims from a cultural diplomacy. Indonesian Batik, supported by its domestic  strenght, supposed to be able to reach cultural attractiveness in international level. In  this proccess government and also non-government stakes holders have ability  to cultivate and bring Indonesian Batik to various opportunities in international level.  This paper captured how Batik diplomacy has been done and evaluate it to give  recommendations for a sustain diplomacy.

Keywords : batik, cultural diplomacy


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