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The Fourth Triple Helix Model: University as an Epicenter of the Triple Helix Movement

Lecturer-Design Department
Paramadina University


Cooperation among academia, government, and business grows rapidly in recent years. Etzkowitz (2002) captured the phenomenon by a term called the Triple Helix model. According to him, there are three Triple Helix Models. First model called a  statist model that the government controlling academia and industry. Second  model a laissez-faire model with industry, academia, and government separate  and apart from each other, interacting only modestly across strong boundaries.  The third shows the institutional spheres overlap and collaborate and cooperate  with each other.

Triple Helix theory stated that industry inline with production,  government with regulation and university as a basic research sources. Indonesian  government takes the role as an initiator in various programs, in order  to implement the first model of The Triple Helix. University in this theory seems as  static mass which has many moving particles in it, waiting others finding those as a  valuable source. It should not be like that. In Indonesia, a university has more  flexibility than that of industries and governments in term of both ideas and  activities.

Universitas Paramadina was able to apply Etzkovwitz Triple Helix theory through Paramadina Latto Furniture Design Challenge (PLFDC) project. This furniture design competition created as a venue for the students to work as real designers. Government takes the facilitator role, in this case NAFED (Indonesia's National Agency for Export Development), as an institution under the Ministry of Trade that provided an exhibition spot for the students in the International Trade Fair. In the fair, students presented their works and met potential global buyers. Latto Pacific Ltd. As an industry produced and sold the students’ works through its  worldwide network. The students received royalty from each piece of sold furniture  product that used their designs. An open-mindedness of each party is the strong  foundation for this model to work. The result shows that in order to make the Triple  Helix works, the university should be the leading party because of its non-profit  motives, objective orientation, and positive point of view on the endeavor to expand knowledge.


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