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Less Critics, Batik Design Grows in Number, Shrink in Values

Lecturer-Design Departement
Paramadina University


In Tranformations Design paper (2006) by Colin Burns and friends stated that a good design not only satisfy a function or solve a problem, but that are also desirable,  aspirational, compelling and delightful. Function or practical values are measurable  and have exact evaluation tools. Users with different background, from different   country, could appreciate practical values similarly. Abstract values, even though it   is essential in design, have ‘liquid’ meanings, depends to its context or background  values of users. In Sunday Star Times newspaper, 14 August 2011, that was an  article about the anger of Maori people, as reactions to a new launched t-shirt  designed by England designer that used Maori style. Visually, that was a black t-shirt  with a white big graphic of a rose in front side. Aesthetically, abstract values,  it was nice graphic of rose and has balance in black and white contrast. Those  aesthetic values of a graphic of rose captured by the England designer as a form  without critical thought about another values behind it. The England designer simply  sold aesthetic through his t-shirt design. The Maori viewed that he stool and took  advantage from their values. In this case, most of users or buyers of this t-shirt were not aware about those issues since most of them have similar values with the England designer, and have different values with the Maori. Similar case actually happened in Indonesia. Euphoria, celebrating batik as ours, transforming batik to various forms as many as possible, and in rush, lately happens in Indonesia. Designer or producers used batik with less concern about the hidden values, sometimes even unhidden values. It is common to see ‘vertical mega mendung’, which supposed to be horizontal, or upside down garuda at batik clothes used by scholars users. In Indonesia designer, ‘the owner’ of motif and users all have a same objective, to celebrating batik. It is actually in some point contra productive, while there is less critical thinking as evaluation to design. The Maori and English designer stand as oppositions, that create critics that can enrich values of design.

Keywords: Batik motif, motif batik meaning, critical thinking


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