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Keragaman Swiss dalam Kesatuan: Cermin Keberhasilan Integrasi

Rizki Damayanti
Pengajar Ilmu Hubungan Internasional Universitas Paramadina


While Switzerland only has territory of 41.285 km with a population  of 7.58152 million (year 2008), this country has accreditation as a  very good country in the world. Switzerland recognizes as a neutral, trusted, nationalist, integrity, respect for religious differences and  ethnic population, giving priority to the education of its citizens and  uphold democracy. The character is then brought the nation of Switzerland as the most prosperous and secure country in the world  with the lowest crime rate and the illiteracy rate is almost 0 percent.  Internalization of characters that are and has been passed by the nation is not a quick and easy process. This process takes a long and  consistent way so that it can take root on each of its citizens. One of  the most effective medias of this process is the nation's respect for diversity of ethnic, linguistic and religion.

Keywords: federation. ethnic diversity, linguistic diversity, religion  diversity,


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