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A national good leader, masculinity, feminity or androgyny?

Handrix Chris Haryanto
Tia Rahmania
Fatchiah E. Kertamuda

Department of Psychology, Paramadina University, Indonesia



This research was aim to see perception from male and female  respondent about a national good leader related to masculinity & feminity. The methode used was a survey research with open
ended questionare about “how your appraisal about a good leader?” to 287 respondents (183 males and 104 females). The data was analyzed with content analysis. The result show that a
good leader built on composite of masculinity and feminity characteristic. For masculinity characteristic emphasizes to firmness, wise and smart. For feminity characteristic emphasizes to
care and become role model. This result indicates that to be a good national leader lead to characteristic of androgyny.
Keyword:a good leader, masculinity, feminity, androgyny.


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