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Media Relations: Nothing More Than PR's Persuasion

Rini Sudarmanti

Dosen Program Studi Ilmu Komunikasi

Universitas Paramadina



The mass media is one of the most important key public in Public Relations field. Unfortunately, PR is still considered the media only as a tool to get free and massive publicity. The father of modern PR, Grunig, stated that there are four communication models between PR and its public: press
agentry/publicity model, public information model, two-way asymmetric public relations, and two-way symmetric public relations. The first three models focus on persuasion and only the fourth model indicate that PR not only persuade its public but also promotes mutual understanding and respect between organization and its stakeholders. In 1984, Grunig and Hunt (Theaker, 2001: 147) said that over 50 per cent of practitioners operate the public information model of PR, where the dissemination of information is the main purpose. While this model emphasizes honesty, it still does not really
address the opinions of stakeholder groups. In media relations activities, the communication models that PR used twenty eight years ago have not changed much. This paper analyzes thirty four definitions and concepts of media relations that written by either practitioners or academicians (from Indonesia
and abroad) using content analysis methods. The result, indicate that media relations activities is still emphasizes on public information model, which means PR still considered mass media as their publicity tool.


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