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IDEAS AND INTERESTS IN INDONESIA’S NUCLEAR DIPLOMACY: Conventional Security Issue in Constructed Diplomacy By: Peni Hanggarini Lecturer and Head Department of International Relations Paramadina University Jakarta, Indonesia

As reflected in its independent and active foreign policy,
Indonesia posses strong commitments to create peace at the
international stage. One of the attempts is to conduct nuclear
diplomacy through supporting the idea of Nuclear Non Proliferation
Treaty and Nuclear disarmament in the world.
However, the underlying ideas and interests in Indonesia’s
nuclear diplomacy should be analyzed as there is a rising doubt on the
construction of the future world without nuclear. In addition, there
have been various debates on Indonesia’s stance to Nuclear Diplomacy
as the issue is more complicated with the involvement of major
powers, religious solidarity factors and concern on energy security.
This study tries to examine ideas constructing Indonesia’s
nuclear diplomacy with the emphasis on Indonesia’s diplomacy during
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Administration. Based on Constructivism
perspectives, Indonesia has been capable to construct nuclear
diplomacy without reliance to any foreign power. Indonesia has
preserved its significant non nuclear proliferation identity. Both
domestic and foreign factors have been equally contributing to
Indonesia’s consideration to construct the identity.
Nuclear Diplomacy, Constructivism, Diplomacy

2011-03-24 14:12:55
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